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In this section of the site we will publish the best free SEO tools for wordpress site analysis. A series of tools to establish the “health” of a site. Of course we will start from the most official of the official tools (Google), and then analyze a series of equally useful tools. Enjoy the reading.

SEO Tools Gratuiti
SEO Tools Gratuiti – Strumenti analisi Sito Gratis
Free Website Analysis Tools

The free analysis tools available on will help you to understand if your site is in order to be indexed or if it needs to be corrected.

Tools Technical Analysis and Site Speed.

Google Pagespeed Insights

The first free tool you can rely on is the official Google tool, Pagespeed Insights.

This free tool will give us an idea of ​​how fast and optimized our site is for desktop and mobile platforms (smartphones and tablets).

It gives us a report on what works we have correctly optimized on the site and what does not work.

In addition to the numerical score (from 0 to 100, we average on our site are on 95/100 mobile and 94/100 desktop) offers a “traffic light” system, so if your score is in red means that your site has serious speed problems. If it’s orange, you’re on average with google tests. If it’s green, you’re above average and you can feel satisfied.

Here are the results of our homepage:

GT Metrix

Another useful tool for analyzing your website is GT Metrix.

This free online tool analyzes our page, the speed of the site, the optimization of the different pages with a percentage score and also in this case with the aforementioned “traffic light” system (red = negative, orange = neutral, green = positive ).

By registering on the site you can also choose the server (the geographical area) and the browser used for the tests and other useful options. In the right window you will also find the time that the browser takes to view the whole page (even the files that are not visible to the user), the weight of the page and the requests that the browser must make to the server to get all the information.

Also on this nice tool our site goes to full capacity, as you can see yourself analyzing our pages:

Technical analysis and site speed.


Pingdom is another free tool that tests the response to the server of the individual pages of your portal.

It performs a very fast analysis and presents the cascade analysis of the site visualization (giving the data of the display timing of each element of the page). Also on Pingdom there is the possibility to select the server region (4 are the options). The data can be easily viewed in the summary to the right that presents: general performance evaluation (from 0 to 1oo), page weight expressed in mega, user page loading time (if you have a cache system, do the test at least twice ), requests sent to the server, comparison with other sites tested with the same tool and server selected.

Also here you can see the excellent results obtained from our site:

Web Page Test

Another interesting free online tool, similar to Pingdom, is Web Page Test.

The peculiarity of this tool is that it automatically performs 3 consecutive tests to see the behavior of the site on several consecutive analyzes. Among the relevant analyzes are the “first byte”. The time taken to start the download (server-side latency), the degree of compression of files and images, the use of the cache and the actual use of the CDN.

Also this tool, which assigns scores based on the letters (A is the best), is very quick to perform the tests. Then clicking on the degree received for each part you get a detailed description on the behavior of the site.

Also on the Web Page Test our site must say that it gets gratifying results:

Keywords analysis and duplicate content.

SEO Hero

SEO Hero is a tool that we have only recently tried and which helps to analyze the relevance of the keywords with the contents of our web pages.

The tool analyzes the pages from a semantic point of view.

Among the faq ( you can also find a description of what are the items included in the analysis, so as to better understand the indications of the tool.

Unfortunately for non-Anglophiles, the site appears to be completely in English.


Here we are now at Siteliner. Another site for free analysis of the use of keywords and the semantics of our site.

This very interesting tool provides you with important data on how the keywords were used within the different pages by assigning them a percentage score and the overall value of the landing page (the page to which these keywords are associated and which lead to links on Google).

Test results can also be exported in CSV format for a more convenient off-line analysis.

SEO Tools Free – SEO Analysis and Tools for SERP.

SEO Tester Online

SEO Online Tester one of the most interesting SEO Tools Free for the analysis of your site.

This is definitely a great tool, for now totally free (we’ll see if the new version will keep this important feature), allows us to analyze your site (analysis must be done page by page) and to evaluate technical and SEO. The Tool analyzes basic SEO elements, Contents (keywords and images), Social (shares and others) and speed from Mobile and Desktop (this is one of the critical elements, to get the correct analysis sometimes it is necessary to redo the test several times) . Here are the results of our homepage:

SERP Checker

SERP Checker an excellent free tool for those doing SEO and for the analysis of SERP for their website.

A very fast and effective analysis tool for the analysis of the positioning of your site and, optionally, the possibility of inserting up to 3 competitors.

It is possible to analyze up to 10 keywords by selecting the geographical area (, .com etc etc …).

You can register for free, or at a cost of $ 5 a month get a premium subscription that will allow us a more complete analysis of up to 300 daily results. The site is totally in English.

Below you will find the link to support the site, both for the premium registration and for a simple donation that can be only 1 euro (minimum donation) and that allows these sites to remain online.

Keywords analysis and duplicate content.


Heading tag checker

Another interesting tool, this one dedicated to the analysis of TAG H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6.

In this way you can always keep an eye on the use you make of tags on every single page.

The tool is available in English and German.


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